Home Office Implementation Survey

In the event we implement a Home Office plan (mandatory WFH without limit in duration), we need to collect information about what you need to be able to work from your home.

Do you have a proper setup to work from home?

That includes ergonomic and work-appropriate desk and office chair. If not, please use the "Other" field to provide details.

  • Yes
  • Other:

Required hardware

Please check any and all hardware that is required for you to complete your work, and that you currently don’t have at home.

  • No extra hardware required
  • External monitor
  • External keyboard and mouse
  • Drawing tablet
  • Reference documents, manuals and other hard copy elements
  • Other:

Is your home internet connection capped and will that be a problem working from home?

We're trying to estimate if you will hit a "data limit" when working from home, joining video conferences, and transferring big files

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe, please help me find out

Do you have a headset with microphone?

Are you equipped to take calls from a headset with a microphone that's able to plug in to your computer?

  • Yes
  • No

Is any of the services you access (external servers, client software, etc.) restricted to specific IPs?

If you're not sure, the answer is probably No.

  • Yes
  • No
  • I'd like the IT team to double check that

Additional information

Is there anything we should know about setting up an office at your home? Do you have questions about the process?

  • Free form
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